2022 Prices are below. Due to the dramatic increases in our costs for products, supplies, and wages we have been forced to raise our prices for the first time since 2017. To help offer the best value we can, new for 2022 we have added more individual packaging options, including an unlimited package for the first time ever. Check out the "Individual Package Specials" below for information on these specials. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Go Kart Pricing

Minutes Single Kart Double Kart Pro-Kart
5 Min $8.25 $9.25 $9.75
10 Min $15.50 $17.50 $18.50
15 Min $21.75 $24.75 $26.25
10+ Pack $7.00/ Ride $8.00/ Ride $8.00/ Ride


When we are busy all ride lengths are 5 minutes. This means that if you purchase multiple rides you may be required to exit your Kart and return through the queue line for your next ride.

What is a 10+ Pack?

A 10+ Pack is a package of 10 or more, 5-minute rides. Unlike 10 or 15 minute tickets, which must be used by one person, a 10+ Pack can be split among your group. You can buy 10 or more rides at a discounted price per ride. You do not have to buy the same type of kart for everyone in your group. 10+ Packs can be customized for your group so everyone gets the kart they want.

Example: A group of seven people want to ride two rides each. In the group are three adults, a seven-year-old, and three 12 year olds (six drivers, one passenger). Two adults wants to drive Pro-Karts, one adult wants to take the seven-year-old in a Double-Kart, and the three 12-year-olds want to ride singles. In this scenario their most cost-effective route would be a 10+ Pack with 4 Pro-Kart rides (2, 5-min rides each), 2 Double Kart rides (2, 5-min rides), and 6 Single Kart rides (2, 5-min rides each). The total for this package is $90. Were this group to purchase the same rides separately it would have cost them $107.00. The 10+ Pack would save them $17.00!


Miniature Golf

$10.00 / 18 holes

$6.50 for children 5 and under.


Batting Cages

$3.00 per game. Each game is 15 pitches.


Individual Package Specials

Double Discount:

One Go-Kart Ride and One Round of Mini Golf.

Single Kart and Mini Golf Round: $15.50

Double Kart and Mini Golf Round: $16.50

Pro Kart and Mini Golf Round: $17.00

Triple Play Special

One Go-Kart Ride, One Round of Mini Golf, and One Batting Cage Token.

Single Kart, Mini Golf, Batting Token: $17.50

Double Kart, Mini Golf, Batting Token: $18.50

Pro Kart, Mini Golf, Batting Token: $19.00

Ultimate Special

Two Go-Kart Rides, One Round of Mini Golf, and Two Batting Cage Tokens.

Two Single Rides, Mini Golf, Two Batting Cage Tokens: $24.50

Two Double Rides, Mini Golf, Two Batting Cage Tokens: $26.50

Two Pro Rides, Mini Golf, Two Batting Cage Tokens: $27.50

Unlimited Packages

Unlimited Packages offer unlimited Go-Kart rides, Mini-Golf rounds, and Batting Cage Games during a set time. When riding the Go-Karts, if you would like to ride again following any ride, you will still be required to exit your kart and return through the queue line. Depending on how busy we are, this may mean waiting in line for an available kart. As long as an activity is started before your time expires you are good to go. Children who are not tall or old enough to ride alone are not required to purchase an Unlimited Package to ride as a passenger in a Double Kart. All aspects of the Driver Responsibility Rules are still enforced, i.e. If you fail to follow the rules on the Go-Karts during an Unlimited Package, you will still be removed from the Track and not allowed to ride again without refund.

60 Minutes: $35.00

90 minutes: $50.00

120 Minutes: $60.00




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